Mother’s Day present – DIY Handbag


This particular beautiful handbag is actually a fashionable as well as functional concept for the mommy that is extremely easy and quick to help make. Stick to these basic steps for ideal Mother’s Day present.

Jazz up Mum’s daytime using art through making a considerate present using patch-work. Stick to this bit-by-bit tips and produce something new.

Exactly what you will need:

• Pure Cotton Handbag

• Textile Paint

• Pure Cotton Filter

• A few cast-off newspaper or perhaps cardboard


1 – First make one stencil of your design

Initially, it is a chance to choose the style of the handbag! We like the straightforward heart, however you can actually pick anything more intricate. In our opinion, the term Mom’ could look wonderful also.

Cut off the print, it is possible to attempting screening this through drawing over this upon certain trash material so that you are content working with it. Keep in mind, rehearse will make best therefore do not hesitate doing a number of styles.

mother's-day-present2 – Include a few shade!

Well that you have the print, you are really all set to include some color themes! Position the print on top of the natural cotton handbag, as soon as you are satisfied with the positioning cling that print straight down along with some strip to check this does not shift. Place one trash sheet of paper inside handbag to ensure the coloring doesn’t run along towards the opposite side.

Decide on the painting tones for your handbag, you can go for a couple of alike color for the stunning superimposed impact. Then start hand painting! Make use of a pure cotton filtering to put on that painting on handbag, remember to make use of a new filtering for each shade you employ.

Hint: pick out Mum’s much-loved color to really make it a present she’s going to adore!

mother's-day-present3 – Reveal ones design!

It is far better to hold off twenty four hours for painting in order to dried up if your wanting to take away the print, however, if you are extremely cautious it can be done when it’s moist. As soon as dry out it is important to stick to the textile painting guidelines for the temperature set up – this particular normally requires ironing the artwork underneath cooking paper to fix this. Do not forget to get grownup help when it comes to temperature set up! As soon as temperature fix – ones handbag is going to astonish mom for her Mother’s day present!

Hint: This particular handbag is indeed flexible! An excellent seashore handbag, local library handbag or even food market handbag, a variety of options…

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