Beauty training center for cosmetic treatments

The wellness industry has seen a radical change in the way medical practitioners are performing non-invasive cosmetic treatments. Seeing this upsurge, beauty training centers have come up with different training programs. This has helped clinicians to choose from a wide array of non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Amongst all these offerings, medical practitioners are up for learning and enhancing their IPL expertise.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) training course is the method which uses broad spectrum light that is both non-coherent and divergent.Applications of IPL Procedure

Applications of IPL Procedure

· Hair Removal:  Clinicians learn this treatment because a majority of their patients want to get rid of their skin hair:

· Photo-Rejuvenation:  Apart from hair removal, it is also a cost-effective and popular method of getting your skin treated and the process is known as photo-rejuvenation.

· Skin Pigmentation:  Have blemishes or uneven skin tone? Laser treatment will fix it.

· Others:  Undoubtedly, the treatments have opened up avenues and today getting acquainted with an IPL Training Course can help in ways more than one including fractional skin resurfacing, QuantaUSA multi-color tattoo removal and skin tightening.

LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulation of Radiation) are the rays which release monochromatic rays, are collimated and parallel. Together LASER and IPL produce different wavelengths of light and selectively target the following treatment areas –

laser hair removal training center


This protein molecule is found in red blood cells of the human body.



This polymer can be found in both skin as well as in hairs.



Removing the dye/ink from a permanent tattoo is quite an arduous task.


How IPL Technique Works?

In the IPL procedure, the wavelength is selected and targeted in the affected. This light energy gets absorbed and it converts itself to heat. The target which could be vein, skin, hair, etc. is destroyed completely without harming the surrounding tissues.


What Is Expected From The Patient?

Just like a lawyer should be aware of the entire case he will be handling, it is the duty of the patient to apprise his doctor of his medical history before undergoing any non-invasive cosmetic treatment. The doctor will assess the skin type and favorability of conducting the surgery. Pre-treatment photographs of the affected area should be submitted to the clinician.


Word Of Caution:

· Both patient and physician need to wear eye goggles to protect the sensitive eyes from rays.

· A cool gel should be applied to the affected area.

· Before operating, the patient needs to get rid of residual hair.

The entire procedure will take approximately one hour and the treated region may turn reddish, but this will fade in 3-4 days.


Sessions Needed for Hair and tattoo removal :

The treatment is long and the patient has to take a minimum of 6 sessions in 6-week interval.


Skin Pigmentation and Photo-Rejuvenation:

Surgery involving skin will need a maximum of 2-3 sessions.

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